This year io9 got to quiz some of the galaxy's most interesting people. We found out what Maurice Sendak didn't like about his Wild Things movie, talked TSCC philosophy with Josh Friedman, and quizzed Zack Snyder about the Watchmen changes.

The One "Wild Things" Change That Bothered Maurice Sendak
When Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers set about adapting Where The Wild Things Are into a movie, Maurice Sendak encouraged them to take a free hand and change stuff. But Eggers and Jonze tell us one change made Sendak nervous.

Anne Dick Talks About "The Search for Philip K. Dick"
Anne Dick, the third wife of Philip K. Dick, still lives in the house she shared with the legendary and mysterious writer. I visited her there to talk about her new memoir, The Search for Philip K. Dick.

5 Things You Didn't Know About District 9
There's a lot more to District 9 than just exploding Tesla guns. Did you know one actor played all the aliens, plus some major scenes were improvised? We list the top things you should know about the new alien epic.

The Real Reason Marlon Wayans Passed On Playing Robin
We talked superheroes with the all-new "real American heroes," Marlon Wayans and Channing Tatum, and found out the real reason Marlon wasn't cast as Joel Schumacher's Robin - and why he couldn't pull off the "motorcycle in the rain" scene.

Joss Whedon On The Dark Secret At The Heart Of His Worlds
How much darker can Dollhouse get, now that we've glimpsed the end of everything? Just how far will Joss Whedon go to explore the themes of searching for identity against impossible odds? We asked Whedon. His answers may shock you.

Zoe Saldana Talks Na'Vi To Us
After Avatar showed off its 3-D bestiary to an awe-struck Comic Con crowd, we cornered the blue Na'vi princess Neytiri, Zoe Saldana herself, and asked her to talk a little native tongue to us. The results were phenomenal.

David Marusek Explains the Final Demise of the Middle Class
David Marusek's intriguing new novel Mind Over Ship explores a post-human future where corporations battle to control the fate of generation ships. We've just interviewed Marusek about the intriguing socio-political world of his novel.

How 9/11 Changed Watchmen
The horrific visions that open the final chapter of Alan Moore's Watchmen haunt you long afterwards. But Zack Snyder's movie tones down that imagery, and screenwriter David Hayter says it's because of 9/11. Spoilers below.

Grant Morrison Tells All About Batman and Robin
With the second issue of DC Comics' Batman and Robin released today, we asked writer Grant Morrison why we need a new Batman, how sane Bruce Wayne really was, and whether Batman is actually sci-fi or not after all.

Duncan Jones Says "Moon" Is Our Real-Life Future
We sat down with Moon director Duncan Jones and talked evil robots, scientific inspirations behind the film and how science fiction needs to catch up to comic book movies. Check out the full video interview and new clips from the film.

The Battlestar Galactica Finale You Didn't See
The Battlestar Galactica ending you saw last Friday wasn't the one that creator Ronald D. Moore originally had in mind. RDM told us how the show could have ended: with one pissed-off, grudge-holding cylon.

Meet Real-Life Supervillain Society ROACH
Ever since the real-life Allegiance of Heroes of Cincinnati crawled out into the light, we've been patiently waiting eventual rise of real-life Supervillains, and today is that day. Meet ROACH, the finest super villain society.

MultiReal Is Your Dot-Com Nightmare Writ Large
David Louis Edelman's future-business saga MultiReal was one of the books that blew us away the most in 2008. So we had to ask Edelman why his vision of capitalism is so scary.

The Shatner Scene You Never Saw In Abrams' Star Trek
You've heard why Shatner's Kirk wasn't included in Star Trek. (He was dead, for one thing.) But Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman tried to write him in, and they walked us through their Shatner scene.

The 3 Laws May Not Be Enough To Guide Robot Warriors
What does the Pentagon think about a possible robot uprising? Is Star Trek's view of combat realistic? We asked P.W. Singer, senior fellow at the Brookings Institute and author of Wired for War.

Josh Friedman Talks The Philosophy Of Sarah Connor
After last Friday's episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles vibrated our brains to pieces, we were bursting with questions for creator Josh Friedman about the show's philosophy and creative process. Luckily, he answered them.

Peter S. Beagle On Unicorns, Golems, and the Law
We Never Talk About My Brother is a newly-released collection of fiction by the celebrated Peter S. Beagle. We recently caught up with the writer to talk books, lawsuits, and life.

Warner Bros. Forced Watchmen's Laurie To Go Cold Turkey
The Watchmen movie pays insane attention to the graphic novel... except the main accessory in superheroine Laurie Juspeczyk's life, her opium-pipe-looking smokes. Why do the movie's supermen get to smoke, but not the superwomen?

Ming-Na On Being The First Lesbian To Step Out Of The Stargate
Ming-Na's Stargate Universe character isn't just stepping through a portal into another galaxy, she's coming out of the closet. She tells us about playing Stargate's first openly gay character, and how this show is about to get a lot sexier.