Science fiction is full of dystopias — and they've got the best interior design. These imaginative interiors and sexy architecture are almost enough to make us want to live in the worst possible worlds, just for the decor.

The Sculptured House, designed by architect Charles Deaton, and located on Genesee Mountain near Genesee Park was featured in Woody Allen's Sleeper. Ironically, while Allen shot the exterior of the house to place the scene, the interior shots were done elsewhere as the interior of the Sculptured House remained unfinished until 2003. You can now rent the fully furnished house by the night, in case you wanted to recreate Allen's famous robot scene.

The movie may have failed to convey the raw emotion of the animated series, but the set producers at least had fun envisioning Æon Flux's dystopian future. We wouldn't mind a top that matched our sexy home décor.

Living the valid life. Gattaca set designers created a near future world where those with the right genes live within the créme de la créme of interior design. From Uma Thurman's floor to ceiling glass living room to Jude Law's modern and spare interior, we'd lengthen our legs and implant someone else's blood in order to clinch a deal with their realtor.

Before Battlestar Galactica's resident scientist got his planet nuked he sure did have a sweet pad. Oh yah, and Six wasn't a bad addition to the décor.

Most of the Batman movies have had amazing set design, but tended to age Bruce Wayne as he sat amongst his antiques. Peter Lando's work on the caped crusader's Gotham digs in The Dark Knight truly reflected Bruce Wayne's playboy lifestyle. How do we get invited over?

While the majority of the architecture and interiors in Blade Runner were a bit depressing, Dr. Eldon Tyrell's penthouse was a beaut, especially when you take into account the side hugging elevators you have to take to get up to the place.

The Island. Bad movie, great future tech concepts like this amazing multi-touch computer monitor as desk.

Sure living in Minority Report means you'll be arrested for a crime you haven't committed yet, but before they caught Tom Cruise was coming home to a sweet pad. Is that a ceiling full of skylights we see?

We mentioned it before and we'll mention it again. If digitizing books means we can make room for the Circuit transporter in Logan's Run we're all for it.