In many countries, crytpid remains are objects of curiosity, relegated to tourist attractions and cryptozoology museums. But in Japan, the mummified remains of monsters and demons are often kept in Buddhist temples and out of the hands of the public.

Some of these demon mummies are believed to be cursed. The demon mummy found at Daijōin Temple was said to have brought misfortune and illness on its owners until it was turned over to the temple. Remains such as these have been enshrined within various temples across Japan and treated as sacred objects. And mummies of all sorts of supposedly supernatural creatures — from the kappa river imps to the thunder-bringing raijū — have turned up as well.

Pink Tentacle has more information about these and other supernatural mummies — as well as the nightmare-inducing process of self-mummification.

Monster mummies of Japan [Pink Tentacle via Metafilter]

Kappa mummy at Zuiryūji Temple, Osaka


Demon mummy at Daijōin, Usa

Baby demon mummy at Rakanji temple


Mysterious mermaid mummy

Raijū mummy at Saishōji temple