Early one foggy morning, an AT-AT patrols the streets of Dubai, surveying the construction of grand new buildings and shiny spaceships. Cédric Delsaux's latest Star Wars mashup series suggests it's a perfected plausible image against Dubai's science fiction stage.

We've featured Cédric Delsaux's mashups of Star Wars figures against urban settings in the past, but here he focuses particularly on Dubai. While many of Delsaux's photographs juxtapose Star Wars extraordinary visuals against a more gritty urban reality, the Dubai series is actually meant to show how utterly consonant Dubai's setting is with these science fiction elements. It invites us to ask whether the Dubai, for all its faults, is a truly modern city moving into the future, or a piece of urban planning fiction, every bit as contrived as the planets and space stations we see in the movies.

The Dark Lens — The Dubai Invasion [The Empty Quarter]