We often romanticize the industrial technologies that came out of the Victorian Era, especially the clockwork and steam power associated with steampunk. But these Victorian infographics illustrate the era's understanding of natural sciences, including geology, astronomy, and biology.

BibliOdyssey has even more of these Victorian infographics, including the Victorian view of the history of the world. Check out higher resolution versions of these infographics at BibliOdyssey's Flickr account.

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Tableau d'Astronomie et de Sphère

Tableau d'Astronomie et de Sphère [detail]


Tableau d'Histoire Naturelle: Annelides, Crustaces, Arachnides, etc.

Chart of the World Exhibiting Its Chief Physical Features. Currents of the Ocean &c. Ethnographic Chart of the World Shewing (sic) the Distribution and Varieties of the Human Race


Geological Map Of The State Of Pennsylvania


Humboldt's Distribution of Plants in Equinoctial America

Tinted drawing showing the comparative lengths of rivers and heights of mountains worldwide. The first text page in this volume has the legend for this sheet.