You sort of expect concept art from a Terry Gilliam movie to be even more anarchic and topsy-turvy than the movie itself. And newly released Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus concept art doesn't disappoint.

CBS News has some new concept art and behind-the-scenes photos, and here are our favorites. Gilliam talked to CBS about the genesis of the movie's storyline, about a magic mirror behind which your imagination is tested — and if you fail, you lose your soul to Tom Waits' Devil. Apparently, the story comes from the sour reaction to Gilliam's previous film, Tideland, which made Gilliam want to make a movie about "the notion of a storyteller whose stories didn't have an audience," as CBS puts it.

Apparently the movie's biggest challenge was that tall, thin wagon, which couldn't fit under London bridges. Says Gilliam's daughter Amy, "That wagon was the bane of our lives."


Both Gilliams also talk about the shock of Heath Ledger's death, and the challenge of replacing him — as well as the unexpected richness the three replacement actors — Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law — added to the film. Instead of being labeled as a Terry Gilliam film, the finished product bears the sobriquet "A Film By Heath Ledger And Friends." The whole article is worth checking out. [CBS News]