Spend all week blue-ing yourself with excitement about the Avatar premiere? Never fear, we got the io9 highlights right here. This week: exclusive Daybreakers clips, best of the decade, and Hitler's corpse.

20 Greatest SF Movies Of The Past Decade
The past decade has seen a lot of bloated special-effects brain-sucks... but it's also seen some of the best science-fiction films ever. Superhero films came of age, apocalypses ruled, and interstellar adventures came back.

Who Stole Hitler's Corpse? The Truth Revealed
Ever wondered what happened to the corpses of Hitler, Eva Braun, and Goebbels? Russia has just released the official story of what happened after the KGB grabbed the corpses in Berlin.

Spoiler Filled Stills From Iron Man 2: What's Happening To Tony?
Last night the first ever trailer for Iron Man 2 was released, and it is jam-packed with spoilery goodies. Here's a shot-by-shot break down of what we noticed.

20 Best Science Fiction Books Of The Decade
After much mulling and culling, we've come up with our list of the twenty best books of the decade. The list is weighted towards science fiction, but does have healthy doses of fantasy and horror.

Exclusive Clip From Family Guy's Empire Strikes Back Has A New Lando
We've got the first exclusive clip from Seth MacFarlane's second Family Guy Star Wars spoof. Since Empire Strikes Back is the best of the bunch, MacFarlane is really going to have to bring it...

Avatar Won't Make You Go Native
In Avatar, an ex-marine leaves his body and enters an alien world. And James Cameron hopes the same thing will happen to you, thanks to totally-immersive CG and 3-D.

Who Is The Best New Character Of The Decade?
Never mind the best books, comics, movies or TV shows of the last ten years, which new character made the biggest impact in your hearts and minds? We want to know what you think, and I have my own suggestions.

Daybreakers Clip Shows The "Perks" For Those Who Hunt Humans
In this exclusive Daybreakers clip, Ethan Hawke argues blood ethics with his little vamp bro who hunts down humans for the new Army. Could Hawke be the first vampire teetotaller we don't want to stake?

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