With Lost is coming up on its final season, artists have reflected on five years of bizarre characters, time travel, mystical occurrences, and a polar bear to create sixteen posters teasing out the key themes and moments from the series.

We mentioned a while back that ABC had commissioned a series of posters from various artists in honor of Lost's final season. Last night, the final poster was revealed at Gallery 1988's Lost show: an illustration of a large portion of the Lost cast by Tyler Stout (whose detailed movie posters we've featured before).

Unfortunately, each of the limited edition posters has sold out except Stouts, which as of this posting has not yet gone on sale. Also, each poster is featured under its own web domain, each an in-joke related to the poster's theme. Stout's final poster sits at the domain NothingIsForever.com.

Lost Posters [Damon, Carlton And a Polar Bear via OMG Posters]

"Lost" by Tyler Stout

"The Numbers" by Tim Doyle

"Locke's Secret" by Olly Moss

"The Dharma Van" by Methane Studios

"The Crash" by Eric Tan

"The Love Triangle" by Leia Bell

"The Four-Toed Statue" by Jason Munn

"The Smoke Monster" by Ken Taylor

"The Hatch" by Kevin Tong

"Rousseau's Transmission" by Dan McCarthy

"The Swan Station" by Rob Jones

"Walt's Kidnapping" by Drew Millward

"Jacob's Cabin" by Daniel Danger

"The Barracks" by Nate Duvall"

"Ben Linus" by Todd Slater

"The Polar Bear" by Jay Ryan