The Art Of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. (Chronicle Books 2009) 272 pages of awesome concept art and beautiful vistas.

Interior pages from The Art Of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, via Parka81 on Flickr.

Interior pages from The Art Of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, via Parka81 on Flickr.

Interior pages from The Art Of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, via Parka81 on Flickr.

Star Wars: 1,000 Collectibles: Memorabilia and Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away A stunning 568 pages worth of toys, memorabilia and weird products, including a giant Lego statue, Boba Fett Pez dispensers, and "Cream Of Jawa" soup. Umm, Eww?

A.I. Artificial Intelligence: From Stanley Kubrick to Steven Spielberg: The Vision Behind the Film Wow, how did we miss that this book came out a few months ago? Chock full of concept art by original artist Chris Baker, this book traces the evolution of A.I. from Kubrick's original concepts to Spielberg's final execution. Plus excerpts from Kubrick's legendary notebooks, and stills from the finished film.

The Pixarpedia — aimed at younger readers, this nevertheless sounds like something you'll want to have on display, with 300 pages of huge images from all of Pixar's films, including behind-the-scenes info and bios of real Pixar employees.

Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide by James Cameron. Just in case you weren't sure that James Cameron spent way too much time thinking up the fauna of Pandora for his new science-fiction epic, he's put out a complete guidebook. Hours of xenobiology fun. Scan from Black Book Magazine.

The Art Of Avatar. If you'd rather just marvel at the jillions of beautiful designs and concept images this movie spawned, then check out this book, which is worth hours of drool. We featured a ton of images from this book a while back, but there's tons more where those came from.

The Art Of Star Trek. We already featured some exclusive concept art from this book a while back, and it's full of tons of other great stuff, including early looks at the different versions of the ice monster, and enough spaceship designs and blazing action paintings. It opens up the already-exciting universe of this movie still further, and you'll be poring over it for hours. I mean your friends will.

The Complete Vader. If you want a Star Wars book that doesn't waste your time with Ewoks or Ahsoka, then this is for you. 192 pages of nothing but Vader, tracing his evolution from the beginning, as well as his life as an inflatable punching bag and so much more.

Interior pages from The Complete Vader. Learn what Vader was up to in 1973 — probably smoking a lot of weed, which explains the breathing. Via Battlegrip.

More pages from the Complete Vader via Battlegrip. Even more scans at the link.

Heads On And We Shoot: The Making Of Where The Wild Things Are. A detailed look at the making of this intense film, including production sketches, storyboards, drawings and behind-the-scenes photographs, plus interviews with Maurice Sendak, Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze, among others.

Original production sketch, from Heads On And We Shoot.

Watchmen: The Art Of The Film. This was another movie that generated tons of amazing world-building, as a team of artists struggled to bring Dave Gibbons' visions to film sets and props. There are hundreds of pages of jaw-dropping concept art and storyboards.

The Art Of Monsters Vs. Aliens. This Dreamworks 3-D animated film featured some nice designs, including the big cyclops robot and the alien spaceship... and it turns out there was some stunning concept art generated, as you can glimpse from our next image.

Here's a couple pages from the book, showing the amazing concept art, including one really nice alien spaceship interior. via Parka81 on Flickr.

Watchmen: Portraits. Photographer Clay Enos managed to snap some incredible shots of the movie's characters in costume, and it's portrait art of the highest order. We posted an exclusive image from this book a while back, and there are hundreds more incredible images of major and minor characters from the film.

Tim Burton. The companion book to the Museum Of Modern Art exhibition, this features tons and tons of Burton's sketches, from childhood to today, plus concept art, stills, puppets and maquettes, storyboards and more.

Universal Studios Monsters: A Legacy Of Horror. This is 252 pages of insane details about the heyday of Universal monster movies, from the 1920s to the 1950s. Dracula, Frankenstein and Creature From The Black Lagoon all get their stories told, with behind-the-scenes photos and lavish shots.

The Batman Vault: A Museum-in-a-Book with Rare Collectibles from the Batcave. Includes "removable artifacts," as well as never-before-seen sketches and plans. It's the complete history of Batman in all media, and apparently it takes the "museum in a book" thing seriously by trying to present tons of cool artifacts.

The Halo Encyclopedia. Edited by Tobias Buckell with intro by game developer Frank O'Connor, this book details the origins of the games, plus characters, weapons, vehicles, equipment and various locations. 352 pages of art and revelations.