Yesterday, we noted that the surreal landscapes of Pandora have a lot in common with the artwork of Roger Dean. But the alien Na'vi have their own twin: an alien singer from the comic Timespirits who could be Neytiri's sister.

Marcus Parcus spotted the similarity between James Cameron's lithe, catlike aliens and a character from the sixth issue of Timespirits, a short run comic by Steve Perry and Tom Yeates published in 1985. The long ears, the blue skin, the stripes, the lack of clothes all bear a striking resemblance to the Na'vi and Neytiri in particular. She even takes down her fair share of military men in the course of the issue. Parcus wonders, was Cameron a fan of the series?


You can see more pages from the issue, compared with shots of Neytiri at Marcus Parcus' Livejournal.

[via Super Punch]