A fan of the Iron Man movie and wondering where to start with the comics? Marvel has come up with a low cost way of introducing new readers to their books with the Marvel's Greatest Comics imprint.

Launching next March with a reprint of 2008's Invincible Iron Man #1, Marvel's Greatest Comics will reprint first chapters of critically-acclaimed series or storylines for just a dollar. According to Marvel's VP of Sales, David Gabriel:

We're proud of the books Marvel publishes and now not only are we giving retailers a great way to promote our top collections, but also giving consumers a chance to sample some of our top comics, maybe for the first time and at an unbeatable price.

After the Iron Man reprint (which, as a special launch promotion, will actually be free), the line will move onto the first issues of Ed Brubaker's Captain America run, Marvel's (incredible) new Wonderful Wizard Of Oz adaptation, J. Michael Straczynski's Thor and Garth Ennis' Punisher Max. Given the crossmedia opportunities afforded by all so far, we'd expect Spider-Man and X-Men before too long.

Start Here with Marvel's Greatest Comics For Only $1.00 [Marvel]