In a decade full of longform series with a high concept mystery at their core (See also the recommended Wasteland and Resurrection, as well as Vaughan's own Ex Machina), Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's Y: The Last Man stood out, in part because of the boldness of its high concept (What if all the men in the world - and, for that matter, all the male anything in the world - died suddenly?) and in part because it was just that good. Combining Vaughan's easy-going characterization, smart plotting and skill with the last page cliffhanger with Guerra's clear, clean artwork (and Jose Marzan Jr.'s inking, which managed to keep a coherent look to the series when Guerra was occasionally absent and other artists filled in), Y was always a joy to read, even when the subject matter was grim or the explanations frustrating (Not to spoil anything, but we're not alone in that, right?). It's no wonder than Vaughan went on to write for Lost for awhile; Y was the same thing for comics - An intelligent, human drama about people we empathze with dealing with things that we don't understand.

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