There're so many reasons why We3 shouldn't have worked. A story with three cyborg animals as its main characters, going on an Incredible Journey-style adventure to escape captivity? It sounds almost laughable. But that's reckoning without the heart that Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely brought to the execution, as well as just the sheer style of the thing - Quietly especially offers up art that can stop you dead in your tracks here. Both creators are at their best in We3, and the short length makes them cut all deadwood away in order to get to the point as quickly as possible, resulting in a fast-moving story that's both intimate and epic, as well as both sentimental and cynical, depending on which set of characters we're with at that point in the story. Instead of the potential funny animal trainwreck the high concept promised, We3 is pretty close to an example of perfect comics.

And, yes, we know that between this and Laika, we've got two animal-centric comics in our top 10. What can we say? We're pet people.

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