Not content with crying at Ground Zero, Latveria's most famous tin-plated tyrant continues to show his softer side by allowing his Christmas Letter to subjects to be made public, letting everyone see the man behind the Reed-Richards-Hating mask. Awwww.

Just like all the best Christmas letters, Doom's - transcribed by loyal subject, creator of the Invincible Super-Blog and Twilight fan Chris Sims - doesn't just wish us good cheer, but also updates us all on what he's been up to this year:

Some of Doom's subjects may have claimed that it was a mistake for Doom to swap out his traditional armor for black slacks, a pair of foam gloves inspired by the early-90s WWF wrestler "The Undertaker," and a mismatched lightweight nylon cape, but those people have obviously never fought an orange rock monster in July and should've thought of that before they opened their stupid mouths. Doom hopes you enjoy your stay in the dungeons of Doomstadt, Karl.

We wish you a happy holiday season, Doctor - and don't worry about your accursed foes: They're too busy having the origins of Hanukkah explained to them to stand in your way:

The Christmas Letter of Dr. Doom [Comics Alliance]