The Matrix Reloaded

This infamous fight scene got progressively worse as the battle went on. Even though the stunts were amazing, it was sad to watch a good idea get wasted by overusing CG, even if the technology wasn't up to snuff at the time.

Verdict : Sad and strange but not scary.

CG Stormtroopers In The Star Wars Prequels

It was kind of a given that we were going to see masses of Stormtroopers CGed willy nilly in the Star Wars Prequels.

Verdict: A necessary evil, not creepy, and it gave us the above video.

Quidditch Harry Potter

While the Potter team really mastered the close ups and action shots for the in air magical game of Quidditch, whenever there was a scary stunt, it looked terrible.

Verdict: Not creepy, just funny.

The Beatles Rock Band Commercial

The shells of these rock gods are forced to peddle this video game. The potential for this commercial was limitless, instead we got something that looked like it was from 1992.

Verdict: Less Creepy, More Frustrating.

Sunmaid Girl

Who thought bringing this lovely lady from the box of raisins alive would mean turning her into a brunette Barbie? "Buy my shriveled fruit!" beckons the dead face siren.

Verdict: Surreal, with a hint of spooky.


You can't fool us with a half naked Angelina Jolie, this "moving painting" effect was really just slang for "not there yet." Sure we like the high heeled feet gold painted demon she was, but there was still something unnatural and dead in each characters eyes. It's like watching flesh covered sock puppets or Disney Animatronics, but naked, and that's unnerving.

Verdict: Spooky to watch something so beautiful talk to you with dead eyes.

Son of the Mask

Sure he was supposed to look like a cartoon demon, but instead this little kid made us want to crawl under our covers and cry.

Verdict: Creepy.

Zombie Orville Redenbacher

Watch in horror as the zombie Orville Redenbacher snacks on brain popcorn.

Verdict: Sacrilege.

Tamara Hope From The Palm Pre Commercials

The alien wants you to buy a phone, plug it into your brain and become "one of us."

Verdict: Disturbing

X-Men 3's Young Face CG

Seeing the younger CG ironed out faces of Ian McKellen as a "youthful" Magneto and Patrick Stewart's young man Professor Xavier gave us the creeps Brazil style. If they smiled do you think their skin would rip off their skulls?

Verdict: Stomach Turning.

A Christmas Carol

This film was so hell bent on being uber realistic that it added CG pores to Scrooge's nose. There's nothing like stuffing a handful of greasy popcorn in your mouth to the wide open skin issues of an old man.

Verdict: Disgusting and Creepy.

The Polar Express

A world of Tom Hanks faces, shudder and mutated children. When those kids smiled they looked the demons from Devil's Advocate, which probably isn't what this Christmas film was going for.

Verdict: You stay away from us CG Hanks!