Fetus Ornament

For the low, low price of $12 you too can have your own Fetus Christmas Tree decoration. There. Are. No. Words.

Edward Stocking

Because nothing says I've been a good boy or girl, fill my stocking Santa like a half dead face trying not to have sex with or kill you. The Edward Stocking Happy Christmas you jerks.

Evil Victorian Santa

Just remember who's coming down the chimney in the middle of the night bitches. It's the Victorian Santa of Death.

Skeleton Head

Good morning let's break open the Christmas gifts, share a family meal and stare into the unblinking eyes of death from this sparkly skeleton ornament. It's alright kids he's here to entertain you, see the part of his body that wasn't ripped of all it's flesh is wearing a clown suit. Yikes.

Bot Menorah

A lot of my friends disagreed with me on this, but these little metal guys carrying the candles just freak me out in a, we'll come alive and tie you down while you sleep way. It is well made and over at Etsy. Even if it is described as a masculine menorah???

Barbie Head Menorah

This is twisted and awesome at the same time. You be the judge. It's part of a pimp my menorah competin.

Menorah Man Costume
It's a mere 15.00 for your parents but the pay off of watching you try and burn all the reaming pictures from that holiday party will last a life time.

Deformed Mummy Head Ms. Claus

This string head looks like a pale Freddy with a wig. Get It AWAY. $10, but good luck sleeping with that thing in the house.