Good Geeky Fun

Star Wars Christmas Tags

Can't afford to purchase the entire season of BSG for a gift, don't fret keep your geek gift giving in check with these adorable present tags. Available at Etsy for $6.50.

Monster Wreath

Screw all those other baby ornaments and their meek no fanged wreaths. This is a real bad ass monster fur, one we'd be proud to put on our door. Plus it's a mere $12.

Star Trek Stockings

This is one of the first stockings we've seen that were literally hung by the chimney with care. Look at the detail they really do look like tiny Star Trek uniforms. Find them at Geek Crafts.

Ginger Tardis

Clever, worldly and tasty. This is brilliant design is from a flickr gallery, so our guess is you'll have to construct yours all by yourself, but this is a fantastic jumping off point.

True Blood Hand Painted Portrait ornaments

Nothing says "real fan" like the hand painted faces of our favorite True Blood vamps and fangbangers. Plus 1,000 points for not being Twilight. 28.50 for the whole set.

Star Wars Clothes Pins Characters With Death Star Tree Topper

Get the entire Star Wars gang for your tree with a sick Death Star topped for 26.00 at Etsy. It's creative and crafty.

Cthulu Santa

Who wouldn't rather sit on this Santa's lap than some creepy old man in a mall, hand made felt Cthulu Santas for all the good little boys in girls. And he can just all the bad kiddies. Last we check Etsy was running low... If they are all gone there's always this little knit fella.

Torchwood Love ornament

Remember loved ones from all across the universe and glove this year, and light a candle for loves lost. Plus Barrowman is very pretty on just about anything. 10.00 at Etsy.

The Nativity The Don't Want You To Know About

From the artist Isabel Samaras. Forget the regular old nativity nonsense and update your walls with a painting of the night that that government has been keeping under wraps for centuries.

Steam Punk Menorah

Adorable! ViaBoing Boing.

Fett's Christmas GiftL A Carbonite Christmas Statue

Aw he's got a candy cane gun, that's our Boba! Sure it's $47 but give it 10 years, it will be priceless, trust me.

Robot's Love Hanukkah

Cutest little robo Holiday cards, and seriously robots love the holiday cheer. The internet is stuffed with robot 3.50 at Etsy.