This year's robotic avatar movie Surrogates showed us a world where humans live through beautiful robotic bodies. But the film's concept designer thought that not everyone might have such glamorous surrogates, as this new concept art reveals.

Peter Rubin, whose Iron Rooster Studios provided concept designs for Surrogates, explains his concept for a lower class, industrial surrogate:

Early on during Surrogates, when it was just basically me and the director, (the writer's strike was still on) I proposed that there be a class of surries designed to serve in manual labor jobs, or even low-end clerical posts... the humans at the other end wouldn't be highly paid, and might not even own their own stimchairs. Nevertheless, they would have minimal luxuries of the sort that laborers might demand, for the psychology of it if nothing else - they could eat, and hear, and have some other sensory feedback that wasn't necessarily directly related to the job...

Industrial Surrogate [Nuthin' But Mecha]