You can tell that Avatar fever has reached fever pitch when even the debut of Leona Lewis' closing credits song causes uproar online. But should we judge the movie by how bad the song is? (If so, then oh dear.)

The Popeater blog had the exclusive online debut of "I See You" this weekend, and on first listen, it's an inoffensive if unexciting piece of balladry fluff (Meaning that we may get our wish for the return of movie ballads after all). But, considering all the hype and hoopla surrounding James Cameron's apparently-groundbreaking new movie, am I the only person who's disappointed by how familiar and by-the-numbers this sounds? Especially with lyrics like "Your love shines the way into paradise/So I offer my life as a sacrifice" and "And my heart was never open/And my spirit never free/To the world that you have shown me." Yeesh.

Still, at least she gets to hit all the traditional big ballad moments, including an attempt at the money note, and I'm sure it'll give her a chance at that coveted Christmas Number One slot.

Leona Lewis 'Avatar' Theme: 'I See You' Premiere [Popeater]