Continued from The New Real, Day 1.

Chapter 8 Questions
#2D1D #c8q1 A terrible torture method.
#2D1D #c8q2 Part of alien anatomy.
#2D1D #c8q3 Name of a spaceport.
#2D1D #c8q4 Color for a piece of clothing

Chapter 8 Answers
A terrible torture method.: unceasing tickling by alphabete
Part of alien anatomy.: Ickthid by The_Squirrel_
Name of a spaceport.: Terminal B by retro_neo
Color for a piece of clothing: red by alphabete

Chapter 8: Bad Cop

Darvey found the interrogation room as Jyi was sitting down across from the alien, a short creature with four glassy black eyes and tentacles for arms. A full-wall screen showed him what was going on inside, and it was clear from the alien's expression that not a lot was going on at all.
"How's it going?" he asked Aphid.
"He's not talking, but it's still early."
"He doesn't look too upset," Darvey said, nodding to Lucas as he arrived, checking a data pad. "Why doesn't she do that amplification trick?"
"Psyche amplification is strictly prohibited by the CSA," said Lucas. "It is often equated with torture, and immediately disqualifies any resulting testimony from trial. Jyi is well aware of this restriction."
Darvey nodded broadly.
"Wow," he said. "So she can't be herself in there?"
"Nope," said Aphid. "Last time she lost control, they almost fired her. Really messy. She's very touchy about it."
"She has special dispensation from the CSA Board to practice law enforcement," said Lucas. "One of my functions aboard the Thomas Derra is to ensure she meets the requirements of that dispensation."
"So you're Internal Affairs?" Darvey asked, taking a step back.
"No," said Lucas. "I am an impartial observer."
Darvey nodded uneasily, went back to watching the interrogation.
"I'm asking about Tobor freighters," said Jyi, "and you're telling me about Zanzi pleasure cruises."
"I dunno bout Tobor freighters," said the alien. "Howzabout you ask someone who DO, and leave me be?"
"How about you answer my question!" she yelled, slamming her fist into the table right next to his hand.
"I don't recall a question," he said smoothly.
She leaned in close.
"Don't make me angry," she said.
"Or what?" he purred. "You're gonna brain wipe me? Come on, princess, we both know that ain't in the cards."
"Just tell me where the Tobor dock their ships, and I'll be able to cut you a deal."
"What kinda deal?" he said, his eyes twinkling.
"A reduced sentence for trafficking-"
"Full immunity," he said.
"I can discuss-"
"And relocation to Ydora 3," he beamed.
"You wouldn't fit in there," Jyi said. "And there's no way the CSA will pay for-"
"All or nothin', princess. Think fast."
She stared at him, jaw clenched.
"Give me something first," she said.
"Something small?"
"Something I can verify," she said.
He looked at the ceiling, stroked his face with his tentacle, and then looked back, a wide smile on his face.
"Helena H5, second moon. Check the spaceport registries."
"For what?" she asked.
"You'll know it when you see it."
She got up, marched to the door, and slammed it so hard the alien flinched… his first genuine emotion the entire time. Jyi stormed past Darvey, taking Lucas by the arm into a huddle. Aphid watched the suspect through the screen, cocking her head side to side as he sat there, watching him lounge about in comfortable isolation.
Jyi and Lucas disappeared further down the hall, their discussion getting more heated. Darvey looked at the door to the room, and without thinking, pushed his way in.
The alien sat up straight at the intrusion, skidded back when Darvey pushed the table against the door, blocking it. He rolled up his sleeves, cricked his neck, and smiled.
"Hi there," he said. "I'm Detective Darvey. Why'd you lie to my partner?"
The alien glanced left and right, blinking fast.
"Lie?" he ventured. "I didn't l-"
"Yeah, yeah," said Darvey, striding forward. "You ever heard of ‘good cop, bad cop'?"
"N-n-no," said the alien.
"This is it. My partner? She was the good cop. Me? I'm the BAD one."
The alien said nothing. Darvey leaned over him, squinting.
"You need all those eyes to see?"
The alien shrunk back.
"Why?" he whimpered.
"Just askin'."
"You can't hurt me," said the alien. "I know my rights. You can't hurt me."
"I'm not going to hurt you," smiled Darvey. "But I have to warn you… if you don't start telling me the truth soon, I'm going to have to take off my left sock."
The alien looked left and right urgently, as if someone might come to save him.
"What do you mean?" he hissed.
"What? You don't know?"
He pulled up his pant leg, showed his red sock. He dropped it again, grinned.
"Might be a cultural thing. Where I come from, red socks and tickling… they just don't go well together. Lethal combination."
"Tickling?" the alien cried.
"Must be the translator," Darvey shrugged. "Let me put it this way: we're going to need a big bucket and a mop to clean up the blood."
The alien pushed the chair back into the wall, curling its tentacles around itself like a shield.
"You're using amplification on me!" it shouted. "That's… that's illegal! You can't DO that!"
Darvey held his ground, arms crossed.
"I know," he said. "That's why I blocked the door."
The alien started making a weeping noise, like a baby being squeezed slowly. Darvey took a step back, and the crying got louder.
"Zip it!" Darvey snapped. "Tell me what I want, or I'm going to scrape your ickthid so bad, you'll be limping for weeks!"
"W-w-what's an ICKTHID?" cried the alien.
Darvey leaned forward, smiled.
"Oh, you'll find out."
"No!" screamed the alien. "Please! Please I want my lawyer now! I wanna lawyer! Please!"
The door rattled, and Darvey heard urgent voices from behind. Jyi's voice boomed loudly through the metal. He could feel her getting angry.
"Lawyers can't help you now, moron. They don't have jurisdiction over the kidnapping of the Governor's daughter. That's way above their pay grade."
"The Governor's what?" pleaded the alien. "No, I dunno nothing about that! Is swear I don't! Come on, you gotta believe me!"
Darvey cricked his neck.
"Give me something TO believe," he said.
The alien started to get out of his chair, but quickly corrected himself, backing down slowly.
"Tobor freighters!" he said. "They dock down at Terminal B. Helena H10, Terminal B. Come on, you've gotta believe me!"
Darvey squinted towards the alien, trying to look like he was focussing his mental powers, and the poor wretch screamed in agony, covered his head with his tentacles.
"Alright," Darvey said. "We'll check it out. But if they're not where you say they are, your ickthid is mine, you understand?"
"Y-y-yes sir," the alien cried. "Thank you, sir!"
Darvey pushed the table out of the way and walked into a field of fury. He could feel it in his teeth.
"That was very foolish," said Lucas, angry without looking it. "I do not know how to report what I have witnessed."
Jyi shoved Darvey against the wall with her arm, pinning his neck and pushing hard. Every time she blinked, his eyes watered.
"You're a damn fool," she snapped. "You crossed the line, and now the whole case has gone to hell."
"Case?" Darvey laughed. "What case? All you had was a lie!"
"And what you have is inadmissible evidence! Nothing he said under duress is going to count in court! What kind of backward justice system do they have on your backwater planet?"
"A pretty good one, actually," snapped Darvey. "I wasn't ASKING about Tobor freighters. I wasn't threatening to get that information at all. I was asking about a kidnapping, and he volunteered the spaceport all by himself."
"You know that won't work," Jyi snarled.
"Then it's YOU who has the screwed up justice system," he said.
Aphid peeked around the corner, twitching her head.
"If he's telling the truth, and the freighters really do work out of Terminal B… I think we can get a beacon onboard, and maybe trace them all the way back to their home base."
Jyi looked over, and Darvey gasped as the pain subsided in his brain.
"We can do that?" she asked. "You're sure?"
"We've never had the chance before, but when it's at the spaceport, we have the best shot," Aphid said.
Jyi glared at Darvey, pushed his neck a bit harder.
"Fine," she said. "We'll try it your way."


Chapter 9 Questions
#2D1D #c9q1 Life or death?
#2D1D #c9q2 Shape or colour?
#2D1D #c9q3 A number between 8 and 48.
#2D1D #c9q4 Weird beverage

Chapter 9 Answers
Life or death?: Death, might as well be consistant by HBullseye
Shape or colour?: colour by HBullseye
A number between 8 and 48.: 19 by akaSabriel
Weird beverage: ANNA's Brain Fluids by janoda

Chapter 9: Repair Schedule

Lucas pushed the buzzer at Jyi's door four times before she answered. He was not affected by her amplification, but he could feel it in the air. It was quite intense.
"I can't BELIEVE this," she said, unpacking her gun, placing the pieces across her desk. "If we lose the Tobor AGAIN because of his stupid childish tricks, I'm going to gut him myself!"
Lucas said nothing for a moment, then nodded serenely.
"You look upset," he said.
She glared at him.
"Data indicates that a refreshing beverage can help alleviate stress and other psychological ailments. Most notable, the power drink known as ‘Anna's Brain Fluids.' Would you like a glass?"
"Do I look like I want brain fluids?" she snapped.
"I am sure they are not really brain fl-"
"No I don't want a drink!" she yelled. "I want him off my ship!"
"That will not be possible at this-"
"Court martial him! You can do that! He's broken more rules than anyone I've ever seen! And I've seen a lot!"
"I have been conferring with my colleagues on the matter these last few minutes, and it appears the law in this area… non-threatening… is not fully developed at this time. We are studying case law that may apply, to judge a course of action over-"
"Unconventional tactics are dangerous and stupid," Jyi said, pushing the gun away from herself, holding her hands tightly.
Lucas said nothing again, blinked twice.
"Were you able to acquire the antidote as planned?" he asked. "It was not in your report."
Jyi stared at her hands. When let go, her left one trembled ever so slightly. She made a fist, squeezed it tight.
"No," she said. "It wasn't there. My contact was supposed to help me find it, but now he's dead. So I'm stuck."
Lucas nodded.
"Have you heard from Reesan?" he asked. "Is his infection at a similar stage?"
Jyi shook her head, reached across and pulled the gun closer again.
"Reesan died last week," she said. "Couldn't hold his own in a firefight, got shot in the face."
"That is unfortunate," said Lucas. "He was a good agent."
"He was," Jyi nodded. "He was way too good to get caught in a trap like that. Taking drugs in the field. He was better than that."
"You did the same," Lucas said gently.
"I'm not that good yet," she said. "And at this rate, maybe not ever." She pounded her hand into the desk, held it up again.
"May I?" asked Lucas.
She stared at him for a second, then held out her palm for him to see. Her skin was turning purple, streaks running through her veins, and the skin looked sickly, stretched and diseased. She took it back, slid on her glove.
"I am afraid I must remove you from the team, Jyi," he said. "Kaps will be in charge as of-"
"Wait!" she said, grabbing his arm. "Lucas, please! I can fix this. I just need more time! If Kaps is in charge, finding that antidote is a low priority and-"
"It SHOULD be a low priority," said Lucas sternly. "Personal matters are no the business of the CSA."
"The CSA is what got me like this in the first place!" she said.
"That may be so," he said, "which is why I am allowing you such latitude… but it cannot continue indefinitely."
She nodded.
"Give me a timeframe," she said.
"Nineteen hours," he said.
"Nineteen," she repeated, quietly.
Lucas stepped back, looked out the door, and then back.
"I must file my report at that time. You have until then to fix yourself."


Chapter 10 Questions
#2D1D #c10q1 A freaky word.
#2D1D #c10q2 A human body part.
#2D1D #c10q3 A simple life form.
#2D1D #c10q4 A weird color.
#2D1D #c10q5 Space object

Chapter 10 Answers
A freaky word.: Pyriah by WatchingPreacher
A human body part.: Just below the Left Knee by mjgolli
A simple life form.: protazoa by HBullseye
A weird color.: ginger muffin orange by HBullseye
Space object: planetoid by alphabete

Chapter 10: Bipedal

Darvey found Aphid in the store room, checking crates of weapons. She barely acknowledged his entrance, and kept moving things around, but it was clear she wasn't working anymore. He stood next to her, staring in the opposite direction, and talked softly.
"I need to go with Jyi," he said.
She stopped working entirely.
"I can't let you do that," he said. "You're not qualified, you're not certified, you're not-"
"I know," he said. "But I need to go with her."
"You're going to get yourself killed," she said.
He leaned closer, whispered.
She clicked a few times, looked away. It was odd, talking to a giant insect. The behaviours were so foreign, but the body language still spoke volumes.
"I suppose I can make the case," she said. She checked a rifle, turning it on and off a few times. "You're an odd one, Darvey."
"Said the giant insect," he grinned.
"Why do you want to die so badly?" she asked. "It is not in your file."
"Has EVERYONE read my file?"
"Kaps didn't," she said. "But I don't know if Kaps can read."
Darvey laughed, took one of the rifles out of the crate, but Aphid snatched it away, smacked his hand like she was scolding a child.
"I don't understand bipedal culture," she said. "Where I'm from, we'll kill ourselves for love, but you don't seem to be mating right now, are you?"
The way the sentence trailed off made Darvey very uneasy.
"No," he said. "It's not for love. It's punishment."
"For what?" she asked.
"Something I did wrong," he said, wincing at the memory.
"It must have been terrible for you," she said.
"No. Not terrible enough. Not yet, anyway. I'm getting there."
"That's good."
Darvey said nothing.
Aphid closed the crate, tapped a data pad, and bustled across the bay to another set of crates. This one had food packets in it, and it was increasingly clear she was trying to avoid real work.
"How do you like the translator?" she asked. "I've made some adjustments since the last version we deployed in humans. It has a better learning mechanism."
Darvey averted his gaze, cleared his throat.
"It's… uh… it's doing great," he said. "Some names are a bit strange, but…"
"It's a limit in the software," she said. "All species get one free language input, and from what I understand, your species chose Cantonese when they joined the CSA."
"Figures," he said.
"We've been adding support for other tongues as we go, but there doesn't seem to be a solid translation architecture within your species at all. For instance, what is ‘pyriah'?"
Darvey scratched his head.
"Uh… I don't know."
"That one has caused me no end of frustration. Your dictionaries are all insufficient. The whole dataset is very piecemeal."
"Welcome to Earth," he said with a smile.
"Yes please," she replied, some bounce in her voice. "I would like to visit some day. When do you think your species will be ready to accept us?"
Darvey winced, shrugged.
"Not anytime soon, I'm afraid. We've got enough problems with each other. Someone like you… I don't know that many people would really want to talk to you."
"YOU want to talk to me."
"No, I DO talk to you. And also I want to blow my brains out."
"You are an odd one," she said. She closed the case, brought Darvey over to a rack of space suits, complete with slim helmets and utility belts that would make Batman weep with envy.
"The planet you're going to has an atmosphere you will difficult," she said. "Have you worn a suit before?"
"Not like this," he said.
"Are you used to alternate gravities?"
"Um… no."
She nodded, clicked some more.
"The sun you'll be experiencing looks like this," she said, tapping her data pad. She showed it to him, but all he saw was a black screen.
"There's nothing there," he said.
She looked down, then laughed, tapped a button on the side.
"I'm sorry," she said. "I forget you can't see that spectrum."
The sun in the picture was an odd colour… like ginger muffin orange. Just seeing it made Darvey hungry, but he refused to let himself be hungry. He didn't deserve that satisfaction.
"The atmosphere on the planet is so weak and the sun is so strong that species such as yours will burn very quickly."
"Like what, a sunburn?"
"Crispy. Cooked."
"This suit will protect you, and it will also provide you nice cover, because no one will know you're a human. To most people, you will appear to be a standard biped of no distinction. It will make your job much easier."
She was looking him up and down, slowly, clicking again.
"Gordito ripped his suit, burned himself under his left knee," she said, quieter, huskier. "He was quite ashamed of it. I almost never got to see it."
"Ah," said Darvey, noticing how close they were.
"I thought it was cute," she said.
He smiled nervously.
She pulled a little round disc from the shelf, showed it to him. He took it in his hand, turning it over. It obviously wasn't a weapon.
"This is the tracer you'll put on the ship. Anywhere is good. The signal will be strong enough to follow from quite a distance."
"Won't they find it? Aren't there… I don't know… scanners or something? Security?"
She clicked again, eased in closer to him. He was pinned against the rack of suits, her mandibles so close to his face.
"Scanners are inefficient," she said softly. "At a spaceport, so many people are coming and going… they might scan occasionally, but once they're off the ground, it's a waste… of… resources to scan any more."
He nodded, laughed.
"How about us? When was the last time we scanned the Thomas Derra?"
She leaned closer, whispering.
"Would you like me to check now?" she said.
"Uh… sure."
With one of her arms, she flipped on the data pad, tapped a few screens, and tilted it for him to see. He saw what looked like a protozoa in shape, glowing green against the black background.
One of Aphid's arms touched his waist.
"Thanks," he said, pushing the data pad away.
"Can I tell you a secret?" she said.
"I guess so," he muttered.
"Bipeds turn me on."
"That's… that's good to know."
"You have two legs," she said.
"Yes," he nodded.
"Do you like six?"
"Um… you know what? I've never thought about it."
She stroked his chest with her arm.
"I have experience," she said. "With Kaps. Last year. Right here, in the hangar. It was… exciting. But not very satisfying, so I would like to try again."
Darvey bit his lower lip, trying to think of a nice way to get out of the situation. None of the options were especially graceful.
"I'm sorry," he said. "I'm in a long-term relationship right now."
"But you want to kill yourself."
"Relatively long-term."
"I wouldn't tell anyone."
"That's really… that's okay."
She paused, watched him for another second, the clicked to herself, and stood back.
"I understand," she said. "I need to work on my pheromones. I'll get back to you, and we'll try again."
"No, really-"
"Would you mind giving me pointers on technique? I captured video of my encounter with Kaps, and I-"
A buzzing came from the walls, and Lucas' voice echoed through the room.
"We are approaching the atmosphere. Prepare to disembark."
Aphid tapped the wall and the whole thing became a screen, showing the view out the front of the ship. The giant, red planet loomed below, and off in the distance, two small planetoids were in mid-collision, throwing debris through the darkness of space, catching the sun and making for the most awe-inspiring moment of Darvey's life.
"Isn't it romantic?" sighed Aphid.


Chapter 11 Questions
#2D1D #c11q1 An alien circus trick
#2D1D #c11q2 Sports scores.
#2D1D #c11q3 Stealth or brute force?
#2D1D #c11q4 Food item.
#2D1D #c11q5 A form of distraction

Chapter 11 Answers
An alien circus trick: Qtsoliqnar Tamer by mjgolli
Sports scores.: 371-0 by alphabete
Stealth or brute force?: stealthily brutal by am_harte
Food item.: Food item - kettle corn by tenaciousN
A form of distraction: Bird falling from the sky by WatchingPreacher

Chapter 11: Search Warrant

Terminal 2 the size of Los Angeles, with a complex set of tube-like trains set up to shuttle passengers from place to another. None of the signage made any sense at all, and Darvey had to be lead by the hand by Jyi several times as the traffic laws threw him off-balance. Stop means go, go means pause, pause means jump. It was the most alien thing about the aliens.
The sun was blazing hot, but the suit didn't do much to help with the heat. Darvey kept trying to scratch under his arms, where sweat was pouring down his sides mercilessly, but to no avail. When he made the motion for the fifteenth time, Jyi smacked his hand away.
"Stop it!" she snapped. "Just stop it!"
"It's damn hot," he complained. "I want to die, but not like this."
"No more speaking until we're there," she said, and got on a ramp that carried them up to the second level of the complex.
Off to his right, a creature with no definite body was waving a beam of light in the face of what looked like an elephant-sized monster potato with horns. Darvey tapped Jyi on the shoulder, pointed.
"What's that?" he asked.
She glanced over, went back to her business.
"A Qtsoliqnar," she said. "The little one is taming it."
"It doesn't look too excitable," he said, and a moment later, the Qtsoliqnar split in half, revealing a giant toothed mouth, and ate a smaller passer-by. Darvey blinked at it, then joined Jyi in ignoring his surroundings.
Customs was just as much of a nightmare at Terminal 2 as it was back home on Earth. He and Jyi were saved from a strip search, but were asked to identify every microbe they carried on their suits, as if they'd bought them, as if they knew what they were. In the end, Darvey asked if they could just disinfect him, kill all the microbes instead of cataloguing them. The officials seemed genuinely excited at the idea, and did it three times.
Jyi was not impressed with the delay.
A restaurant outside the security area flashed a sign in languages Darvey couldn't read, but as aliens passed by, they scooped food from a trough along the front. Occasionally, one found something he liked, and dove inside for more. It was hard to make out from a distance, but it looked like kettle corn. Except it squealed as it was chewed.
Darvey was so distracted by the sounds that he nearly walked into a giant purple cow, sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. It chewed some grass, its yellow eyes flittering open and shut, and levitated off the ground.
"A magic cow," said Darvey. "Crazy."
The cow's handler arrived, adjusted a pad on the animal's back, and dragged it off to a nearby hangar. Darvey waved to the cow as it went.
"Bye, magic cow," he said. "Good luck."
"Dammit," grumbled Jyi, checking her pad again. "The warrant's not in."
"How far away are we?" Darvey asked.
"It's right here," she said.
"So we're going in?"
She stopped put her hands on her hips and turned on him.
"No," she said. "We are NOT just going in. We have RULES, and the rules say we need to wait for our warrant before we can board the ship. The closest we can get is the hangar."
"Sure," said Darvey. "Do whatever you want. I'm just here to get killed."
"Good," she said. "Do it when the mission's done."
"Yes ma'am," he saluted.
The cargo bay was largely empty, but for a small ship with red markings and its cargo bay door open, a ramp dropping down into the sand. Creatures with lizard-like heads were milling around, smoking long tubes that glowed green with fire. Darvey had to be pulled down by Jyi to keep from blowing their cover.
"So are you still hallucinating?" she asked in a hushed voice, checking her gun and the tracer beacon.
"No," replied Darvey. "Or, well, I don't know. After that cow, it's hard to tell if any of this is real."
"Oh, it's real all right."
"I'm not in Kansas anymore."
"I don't know Kansas."
"Neither do I. It's an expression."
"Then shut up."
"Right," he said, and kicked some sand around. He looked back at the creatures with their strange pipes, saw the rifles on their backs. There were a lot of them, and one of him, and if he could just-
"Don't," said Jyi.
"Don't what?"
"I can tell what you're thinking, and I'm saying DON'T. You can die when I'm done, not before."
"I could be a good distraction," he said.
"If you're as good a distraction as you are a cop, then no, no you wouldn't be. So just stay put. I don't want any more trouble out of you."
Darvey shrugged, sat down again.
"I make no promises," he said. "I go where the wind takes me."
A loud roar from behind shook the sand off Darvey's boots, and he looked around to see a gritty ship lurch into the bay, touching down next to the smaller vessel. The pipe-smokers rushed around, in and out of their ship, pulling crates to and fro.
The door to the bigger ship creaked open, and Darvey grumbled at the sight of five gritty hyenas lumbering out. They touched the faces of the littler creatures - like a very strange handshake - and began doing business.
"It's all ready," said the lead Tobor. "Are you ready on your end?"
"Absotively," said the little creature. "Ready as we'll ever be. Good doing business with you."
"That remains to be seen," said the Tobor.
"Did you see the match last night?" asked the little one, hopping along beside the Tobor as it walked. "371-0. Such a great match. SUCH a great match. Best one of the year, I'd say. I was really blown away by-"
"We are on a schedule," said the Tobor, and motioned to his followers, who shuffled into place with several large crates. "Have your men show mine where to leave these, and we will be on our way."
The little creature didn't miss a beat.
"Yeah, yeah, absolutely," said the little one. "Sure thing. They're on it. We're on it. All good. All good for sure."
The Tobor stopped, looked directly towards Darvey and Jyi, scratched its ear.
"The Hash Prime is ready for distribution offworld," it said. "Stick to your guidelines and you will be well compensated. Deviate, and… things will be uncomfortable for you."
"Gotcha," said the little one. "Offworld, guidelines, check. Check and check."
Darvey nudged Jyi.
"That's the stuff from before… the boiling stuff!"
"Yes it is," she said.
"You can't… I mean… we can't let them DISTRIBUTE that… that's like genocide!"
Jyi just nodded, kept watching.
"We can't let that happen. We need to stop them before they massacre-"
"Listen," Jyi said, grabbing his neck. "Shut up and listen. They're going to be done before the warrant comes through. I NEED to trace that Tobor ship. So I'm going in."
"I'm coming-"
"No you're not. You're going to count to thirty, and you're going to make a distraction."
"Really?" Darvey said, hope returning to him for the first time in days.
"Yes. Have fun dying."
"Thanks!" he said. "Have fun maybe dying."
She took off down the slope, out of sight, and Darvey watched the ships some more. He was counting to thirty as quickly as he could manage, watching a small lizard-like bird swooping around the roof of the complex.
"… twenty-two… twenty-three…"
The bird collided with a laser-shielding net, burst into flames, and landed on top of the Tobor ship. Everyone on the ground watched it burning, guns ready.
"Stupid bird, stealing my gig," he grumbled, then realized he'd lost count, and called it even.
"Here we go…" he said, and stood up. No one was looking at him, so it was somewhat anti-climactic. But as he looked down at the ships, he saw the cargo being loaded, the Tobor ship emptying itself of its deadly payload, and he couldn't stand it. He ducked back down and eased down the hill, back around the smaller ship, until he was right in the thick of things.
One of the small aliens was near by, smoking his pipe again. Darvey reached over, grabbed its rifle and pulled it close. It let out a little squeal before he punched it in the face. Or its face-like area. His hand came back gooey and blue, and the alien looked dead.
"Sorry," he said, and then pulled out his gun and aimed at the next-closest alien.
"Hey!" he shouted. "Look lively!"
He pulled the trigger, and absolutely nothing happened. He checked the gun, shook it, tried again.
"Goddamn Jyi," he cursed, and then ran for cover as the aliens started firing at him. Random cargo exploded around him, and he kept low to the ground, covering his head and crawling for shelter.
"Easier to just die," he muttered. "Me and my overdeveloped sense of duty…"
A loud thoom shook the hangar as the smaller ship lifted off, and a moment later, the Tobor ship joined it, swaying in the air briefly before opening a hatch in the bottom. Darvey looked up at it, squinting to see through his helmet.
A small canister dropped out and bounced in the sand.
Its red light flashed rapidly, and then made a loud beeping sound.
"Shit," said Darvey, and the grenade exploded.


Chapter 12 Questions
#2D1D #c12q1 A drug name.
#2D1D #c12q2 Name for a dangerous drug.
#2D1D #c12q3 Humanoid-alien body part.
#2D1D #c12q4 Interesting hiding place

Chapter 12 Answers
A drug name.: Vain by porlob
Name for a dangerous drug.: kiss of death #2D1D by Rok
Humanoid-alien body part.: Poison neck frills by Memepunks
Interesting hiding place: air vent by piratepwnsninja

Chapter 13 Questions
#2D1D #c13q1 A nasty liquid.
#2D1D #c13q2 A number between 10 and 150.
#2D1D #c13q3 A silly drug name.
#2D1D #c13q4 Name of Alien Currency


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