Spend all week hunting down your own Team Edward t-shirt? Never fear we got the io9 highlights right here. This week, Meet The Hulks, find out why The Road's first trailer stunk, and make your geek holiday shopping lists.

Millennium Predictions That Got Things Right - and Those That Didn't
A decade ago, the world was braced for the Y2K bug and everyone was prognosticating about the 21st century. Ten years into the new millennium, we look back at those predictions and decide which still seem likely - or not.

Gift Ideas for the Ten Major Species of Science Fiction Fan
Stumped on what to get the Doctor Who fan in your life? Still need gifts for lovers of Star Wars, zombies, and Transformers? Our gift guide has plenty of ideas for ten species of science fiction fan.

Exclusive Peek At Liara T'soni In "Mass Effect: Redemption" Comic
Excited for the release of Mass Effect 2 next year? Here's something to whet your appetite even more: An exclusive peek at the variant cover for tie-in comic Mass Effect: Redemption. Click through for a preview of the comic itself.

Why The Road's Baby Scene Was Cut, And Why Its First Trailer Sucked
One important cannibal scene in the post apocalyptic film The Road, based on Cormac McCarthy's book, was cut. Here's why, along with how director John Hillcoat feels about his movie being compared to, and marketed as, "disaster porn."

Trace Cylon Evolution, From Toaster To Centurion To Six
Want to know how Battlestar Galactica's Cylons developed from kitchen appliances to today's sexy/deadly models? Here's your exclusive first look at a new poster that follows Cylon evolution through both BSG series, now available from Quantum Mechanix.

The io9 Guide To December Science Fiction Awesomeness
December isn't a quiet month for science fiction. There's James Cameron's long-awaited Avatar and Peter Jackson's Lovely Bones, double Dollhouse helpings, and rare appearances by Stephen King, Michael Chabon, Neil Gaiman and Mary Doria Russell. Encompass your future!

The Top 10 Wackiest Norman Osborn Weird-Outs
Today's release of Siege: The Cabal marks the beginning of the end of Norman Osborn's Dark Reign over the Marvel Universe. Let's reminisce over the on-again, off-again Green Goblin's stranger moments of murder, mayhem, and flagrant disregard for contraceptives.

Reclaiming Your Humanity Means Killing A Whole Lot Of People
Wolverine, out on DVD recently, is a great example of one of the silliest clichés in escapist entertainment: someone reclaims his/her true humanity and unique individuality - by killing everyone in sight. What the hell is this about?

12 Movie Adaptations That Did The Books Justice
Whether or not you loved The Road, most people seemed to feel it captured Cormac McCarthy's novel. Sadly, most adaptations do violence to the original books, but not all. Here are 12 SF/fantasy adaptations that did right by the books.

Tim Burton's Lost Movie Pitches That We Wish Hollywood Greenlit
A lot of Tim Burton's early artwork in his MoMA retrospective consists of pitches for movies he never got to make... and they'd make some kick-ass films today. Here are the best Burton monsters and mutants that deserve screen time.

Before They Fall, Meet The Hulks
Why are there now seven Hulks (Three of whom are children of the original Hulk)? What are the differences between them all? And where did this all get started? We explain all for beginners and Hulk-curious bystanders

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