When the funds were flowing freely, Dubai appeared to be a future mecca of innovative and extravagant architecture. But now that the well has gone dry, we're left with the concept designs of the buildings we'll never see.

Sadly, this means no Death Star gracing the Dubai waterfront. Sphere-loving Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas will have to turn elsewhere to construct his weapon-shaped buildings. The proposed Anara Tower, with its giant, non-functional turbine, has also fallen to the architectural chopping block.

And though construction was set to begin on these wind-powered, rotating towers, they won't be spinning any time soon.

Perhaps, someday, these projects could be floated by another bubble, but for now they're going back in the drawer. You can see more architectural casualties of Dubai's financial crisis at Inhabitat.

Dubious Dubai: The Towers We Will Never See [Inhabitat]