SciFi Classics: 50 Movie Pack Collection. Only $10.49 on Amazon. It came out in 2004, but it's still available, and you're hard-pressed to get a better deal in these tough economic times. These movies are guaranteed to have a beginning, a middle and an end, after a fashion, but they're not guaranteed to be good. But at 20 cents a movie, who cares? It's your chance to see Brandon Lee in Laser Mission, and so many others. Your friend/partner/child will be thrilled/horrified.

The Alien Fear Collection Featuring The Absence of Light, Willows Way, 6 Angels, and Exterminator City.) Here's an actual review from "I saw these moves before, and could not weight to get them my self. Great sci. Fic moves very scary and sexey. I would reckimend these moves to any one. I am glade I bought them." With a recommendation like that, how can you go wrong? But seriously, these are some great cheesetastic movies featuring people like Julie Strain, for just around $14.

Grindhouse Double Feature: Zontar, The Thing From Venus (1966) / In The Year 2889 (1967) Easy to track down for around $3.50, and it features a monster from Venus named Zontar who cuts a swathe of rampage across the 1960s swinging scene. And then there's the post-apocalyptic Year 2889, where only one houseful of people survives the end of the human race — and then an alcoholic stripper shows up. Good for those three AM munchies fueled trash culture watching sessions.

Sci-Fi Collector's 4-Film Set. Featuring Supernova, The Black Hole, Final Days of Planet Earth, and The Last Sentinel. These schlocky classics star Luke Perry, Kristy Swanson, Katee Sackhoff, Daryl Hannah and more. Seems to be going for around $6 on CD Universe.

Icons of Sci Fi: Toho Collection: This set features Battle for Outer Space, H-Man, and Mothra. And they look utterly gorgeous, as you've no doubt seen from some of the screencaps that have been making the rounds lately. The whole shebang is going for around $14 right now.

Classic Sci-Fi TV - 150 Episodes. Starring Captain Z-Ro and Rocky Jones, Space Ranger. Did I mention there are 150 TV episodes on this box set, and it goes for around $10? And it includes one episode of the show intriguingly called "Here Comes Tobor!"

Grindhouse Double Shock Show: Warriors of the Wasteland (1982) / Cosmos: War of the Planets (1977). Goes for around $8 and has EVERYTHING you need. Including Fred Williamson in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and crazy space war!

Ghostbusters Double Feature Gift Set. This includes both Ghostbusters films, plus a fancy commemorative book. It came out a few years ago, and now it seems to be going for around $12.

AMC Monsterfest Collection - Cult Classics, Vol. 1 Features The Atomic Brain, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Carnival of Souls and Night Tide. This goes for around $5 and includes Dennis Hopper as a sailor on leave who falls in love with a girl who works as a "mermaid" at a circus carnival — but then it turns out the girl believes she really is descended from ancient sea creatures and must kill when the moon is full. How can that be bad? Also, a crazed surgeon accidentally decapitates his fiancee, but keeps her head alive — and the head plots revenge telepathically.

Alien Predators 4 Movie Pack. Ignore the shameless attempt to cash in on Alien Vs. Predator — there's some quality stuff here. This goes for around $1.88 new, and features four uber-classics, including Little Shop Of Horrors, Killers From Space, Graveyard Tramps (A strange alien force turns women into queen bees who kill men by draining them sexually) and Track Of The Moonbeast.