There are two versions of this dress, one is bloody, the other is not and comes with platform heel boots. Let's just assume this was from another version of the script when Helena didn't come back as a giant head. Rather a super sleek and sexy robot person, see her dress is shiny like a robot, get it, GET IT???

Aged Microwave...

Fake IV bags, from the future!

Break Away Aged Milk Bottles, ok these might actually be fun, but heaven help the parent that buys these for some ungodly amount, only to discover their kids smashed them all while they slept.

Aged Moon Bloodgood Sports Bra...sigh.

John Connor's BAG of Ropes.

Aged battery and empty gas can. Note, with this purchase comes a visit from me, in which I will beat you with a sock filled with aged batteries.

American Apparel...Aged.

Just because of the whole "you have to earn your stripes crap."