Terminator Salvation DVD
We finally got a look at the world after Judgment Day in the fourth Terminator movie. You can grab the DVD version ($9.99 on Amazon) or the Director's Cut on Blu-Ray ($15.99 on Amazon).

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season Two DVD
Skynet's origin and humanity's first experiments with artificial intelligence are revealed in the promising second season of the tragically canceled show.
$36.99 on Amazon

Terminator Fuel Cell Lighter
Light your fire the same way John Connor does (without the pesky nuclear radiation). Cyborg skull not included.
$17.99 from ThinkGeek

Terminator 2 Limited Edition Collector's Set
This is exclusively for diehard T2 fans with Blu-ray players, but it includes six discs and a Terminator endoskull.
$87.49 from Amazon

How to Survive a Robot Uprising
This book has been out for a couple of years, but it's indispensable for anyone who wants to survive after Skynet comes online.
$10.04 from Amazon