Dollhouse Season One DVD
The first season of Joss Whedon's high-concept drama may have been uneven, but the DVD offers a few treats beyond what aired on TV. In addition to the aired episodes, there's "Echo," the original, unaired pilot, and "Epitaph One," the apocalyptic episode that extends the show's mindwipe technology into a chilling future.
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Buffy Season Eight
There are lots of comics enriching the worlds Joss Whedon created, including a recent one-off Dr. Horrible comic. The Buffy Season Eight comics, which record the further adventures of the Scoobies and Slayerettes after the end of the show, got their fifth trade paperback this year with Predator and Prey.
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Astonishing X-Men Omnibus
If you'd like to see Whedon playing in someone else's sandbox, check out his take on mutant superheroes. This hardcover edition collects 25 issues from Whedon's run, illustrated by John Cassaday.
$47.25 from Amazon

Firefly T-Shirt
Quantum Mechanix is a treasure trove of Firefly/Serenity products, from posters and maquettes to t-shirts straight from the 'Verse. This particular shirt will make you smile — and might make you a little sad (poor Wash).
$16.95 from Quantum Mechanix

Jayne Hat
Your favorite Firefly fan will look quite cunning in a replica of Jayne Cobb's knit cap. If you aren't inclined to make one yourself, you can find a variety of them on Etsy.