Tardis 4-Port USB Hub
It may not carry you through time and space, but it can increase your USB capacity. The blinking light just means that it's working — not that it's taking off on some fresh adventure.
$29.99 from ThinkGeek

The Next Doctor DVD
Warm up for this year's Christmas special with last year's special.
$9.99 from Amazon

Planet of the Dead DVD
You can also grab another of the Tenth Doctor's final episodes, where the Doctor faces down deadly creatures on a desert planet with a jewel thief and a group of London bus passengers.
$13.49 from Amazon

Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary
Fans of the new series can relieve all the characters, monsters, and gizmos in full color.
$16.49 from Amazon

Doctor Who Cufflinks
Adorn your French cuff shirts with an array of Who-themed cufflinks, featuring the TARDIS, K-9, Daleks, and Cybermen.
Various prices from Amazon.