Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen DVD
A copy of Michael Bay's deconstructionist masterpiece is just the thing for any fan of mindless explosions and sweaty Megan Fox.
$20.99 for the 2-disc DVD

Transformers: 25the Anniversary Matrix of Leadership Edition
For those who prefer their robots in disguise animated, there's a band new boxed set containing all 98 episodes of Transformers, plus goodies like concept art and old toy commercials.
$109.99 from Amazon

Optimus Prime Speaker Head
These speakers have limited transforming power, but they're USB powered for quick and easy play.
$49.99 from BigBadToyStore

Optimus Prime Voice-Changing Helmet
You can look and sound just like Optimus Prime (at least above the neck) with this helmet.
$49.99 from ToyWiz

Transformers AllSpark Rubiks Cube
Sure, this AllSpark-shaped toy is just your basic Rubik's Cube with sparkly Transformers stickers, but it's a handy stocking stuffer for the fan who loves puzzles.
$13.99 from Entertainment Earth