Star Trek Movie DVD
Relive JJ Abrams' reboot of the original Star Trek crew, plus get all those scenes that didn't make it into the movie.
$23.49 for the 2-disc DVD on Amazon

Original Motion Picture Collection
Shopping for a fan who's more of a purist? You can grab them this collection of all six original movies, with plenty of commentaries.
$39.99 for the DVD set from Amazon

Original Series Tricorder
Nostalgic fans will also enjoy inspecting foreign lands with this original series tricorder, with that classic 1960s design.
$49.99 from ThinkGeek

Star Trek Fragrances
Granted, it's a little silly, but what fan wouldn't want Tiberius, the official scent of Captain Kirk? Pon Farr perfume is alluring (and you can wear it more than once every seven years), and Red Shirt cologne smells like despair.
$29.99 from Entertainment Earth