A ravine is a good place to drop anchor. The ship stays aloft, but her crew can scramble to the ground on rope ladders to forage. Best of all, it's protection from prying eyes.

This image is just one of many that made me fall in love with concept designer William Smith's art. I first stumbled across his work while searching for "restaurant at the end of the universe" illustrations, and found his gorgeous depiction of Milliways (the aforementioned restaurant). His rich colors recall a more innocent era in space illustration, and his seascapes and landscapes are positively breathtaking.

Smith told me in email:

I'm currently in Houston Texas working at TimeGate Studios as a concept artist. The website [where you can find these images] has my most recent personal work, some are personal projects but most were done for the Environment of the Week on ConceptArt.org. Unfortunately I can't release anything that I've done professionally to date. On the technical side of things, all the work on the page was done digitally using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet.

See more of Smith's work on his website.