This may look like an unfinished game of Jenga, but plans are in motion to build this oddly-shaped skyscraper to the city of Chongqing, China. If it doesn't leave residents fearing falling blocks, it could add greenery to the city.

MAD Architects has just unveiled the Urban Forest, the latest vertical garden to grace the world of concept design. Each floor features garden space and some of the floors are completely open, containing only plant life in lieu of the residential and office space on the enclosed floors. The abstract floors are meant to evoke an organic look, and the transparent outer walls give the impression that each floor hovers above the last.

MAD Architects are the authors of some truly bizarre and ambitious projects, not the least of which is their idea for a star-shaped mobile city, aptly called the Superstar. The Superstar is meant to travel from city to city and be more than self-sustaining energy-wise, feeding power back into its host city.

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