Welcome to the streets of post-apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts: the plague hit so hard, the buildings look Bulgarian and the cars are all Yugos. It's just one of the charms of Adrenalin: Fear The Rush, including a great sewer mutant fight.

Made by the great B-movie master Albert Pyun, Adrenalin: Fear The Rush was filmed in Slovakia but takes place in Boston, where a plague has the city walled off and quarantined. As Reelviews puts it:

Attention to detail is not exactly Adrenalin's forte, either. All of the police cars in Boston look like Yugos and have the word "Policia" stamped on them. Why "Policia" instead of "Police"? Who knows. Who cares. One character apparently comes back from the dead without a word of explanation. Other characters are still around, alive and kicking, after getting riddled with about a dozen bullets. If I tried to list all the holes, inconsistencies, and other obvious problems with this movie, it would take me the rest of the week to write this review.

Christopher Lambert and Natasha Henstridge are cops, investigating a slew of nasty killings. And then they discover that something is lurking in the sewers:

And here's a glimpse of Henstridge taking down the sewer mutant, in an awesome, bondage-escaping, gun-toting scene: