Concrete Cloth makes the perfect addition to your apocalyptic shopping list. The flexible cloth is easily transported, but transforms into a sturdy concrete shelter after it gets wet.

UK company Concrete Canvas created Concrete Cloth, a concrete-impregnated material that's flexible and becomes hard only when wet. The fabric can be molded into various shapes, letting people erect a sturdy building with little more time and effort than they would a tent. In addition to fulfilling your end-of-the world needs, the Concrete Cloth has current military and humanitarian uses as barracks, emergency shelters, and food storage.

Concrete Cloth won the Material of the Year Award from Material ConneXion, which supports innovation in materials science. But there were plenty of impressive runners up, including a superstrong biofiber made from carrots, a sponge that soaks up oil but not water, a 3D printer that can print objects made from multiple materials, and a lightweight fiber that can stop bullets.

Fishing Rods From Carrot Sticks and Canvas Made of Concrete?! Seven Amazing Materials [Fast Company via Neatorama]