Various Deleted Scenes from Tim Burton's Batman:

Batman Takes A Wrong Turn from Batman Forever:

Alfred Explains The Secret Of The Batcave from Batman Forever:

Dick Lives Up To His Name in Batman Forever:

Gotham Television Has The Greatest Announcers in Batman Forever:

Original Superman The Movie Ending:

Luthor's First Superman Clone From Superman IV: The Quest For Peace:

Frankly, We're Not Too Sure, But It's from Spider-Man 2:

Bruce Banner Finds Alternate Employment from The Incredible Hulk:

Bruce Turns Emotions Into Science from The Incredible Hulk:

Full Length Version of Ambush from Iron Man:

Full Length Version of Finale from Iron Man:

Storm and Jean Bond in X2: X-Men United:

Beast Recites Shakespeare from X-Men: The Last Stand:

Jubilee At The Museum from X2: X-Men United: