After the apocalypse, we'll need to build our new robot helpers out of whatever we can find... and we'll need them to be as cute as possible, to cheer us up. So thank goodness for Mike "Slobot" Heisler's recycled robots.

This is a Sentry, one tough robot. Stronger than the average Slobot, and a good choice to protect and serve. But not in a mindless way, like some kind of... well... robot. More like a robot with an attitude (albeit, a good one).

This is a sloQee 7b. OK, he's got four arms. Wouldn't you like to have four arms? Just think of the fun you could have. But alas, he has no eyes. Maybe not such a bad thing, though, ya know?

Another helpful robot, designed to assist humans with limited mobility. He's got one huge eye right in the middle of his head, and yet....

An underwater, shark-hunting robot. No need for a harpoon, he lulls the sharks into submission. Such talent!

Ok this guy is a jokester. Do not be swayed by his innocence. He's a slayer, truly he is. His jokes will kill ya. Puns, knock- knock jokes, you name it.

If you want to get the game this weekend, you need this girl. She can make sure the picture is perfect. After all, it is a big game weekend, isn't it? (Gobble gobble.)

A robot pharmacist, 'nuff said...

Sometimes you just gotta give in to popular culture, don'tcha? And what better way than with a Simpsons slobot - d'oh!

Ok, he might be a teddy bear robot. So what? Nothing wrong with more teddy bears in the world, even if they are made of metal.

Ok, no arms. Tru dat. But he's still useful. How, you ask? He's a tree herder on Mars. Oh yes he is.

The Three Philosophers - I don't know about you, but when I see these three guys, I just know I am in the presence of wisdom. Don't they look smart and all-knowing? It's kinda freaky, really. Okay, gotta look away now.....

Ahhh, yes. A more civilized robot. He makes tea. And not just any kind of tea, but the proper British kind. How many lumps do you take?

Guardian Robot - the strong but silent type.

Stubby little arms, but take a look at those legs. Must be a soccer player.

Cute green child-like slobot - for the kiddies (or the child in you, huh?). Not only that, he glows in the dark.


Some of these slobots are currently part of the Toying with Art exhibit at the Cameron Art Museum (thru March 2010). Go check it out.

And for more info on Slobots, see Mike's website.