When we featured Brian Kappel's robot paintings a while back, many of you expressed a desire to own them as posters. Now you can show your solidarity with robot soldiers and food-service drones, with your own Kappel posters.

According to Kappel, he's only making 30 of each 8x10 fine art print, and they'll be hand-numbered and professionally printed on museum-quality 505 Somerset Velvet stock. They go for $45 each, including shipping. So far, it's just these five prints, which include my favorites, "Your Wrecks Make Mechs" and the weird lava robot image.


Also, Kappel says he's showing his art at Crema Bakery and Cafe in Portland, through December, and some kid-friendly paintings will be at Black Wagon in North Portland at the same time.

Order your own prints here. [Space Monkey Designs]