After the fall of the Berlin Wall, many Soviet bases and monuments were left to crumble, never repurposed or reused. These memorials to the USSR stretch across Eastern Europe and Asia, a more global view of a modern nation's ruins.

Eric Lusito took these images and more for his book After the Wall - Traces of the Soviet Empire.

[After the Wall via Nerdcore]

Mig-21, Mongolia

Area 120, Mongolia. Military building constructed 1982. The slogan reads: Glory to Communist Party of Soviet Union.

Area 3D, Kazakhstan. Built in in 1956 as a ground station to track Sputnik, the first manned satellite.

During the Soviet era, many military personnel, support staff and their families were stationed in and around Choibalsan, Mongolia.

Base situated close to the northern edge of the Gobi desert, Mongolia.

The oath of allegiance of the Soviet soldier, Germany.

‘To our Motherand'. Soviet Navy base, Latvia.

‘Victory starts here!'. Sports hall, Latvia.