London is currently auditioning ideas for a new tourist attraction as part of the 2012 Olympics. On the shortlist is MIT's digital Cloud, a self-sustaining observation deck made of transparent bubbles that broadcast information to viewers below.

A global team of architects, engineers, and artists, organized by MIT's Carlo Ratti, has pitched the Cloud to the city of London for the 2012 Games. The Cloud would function as part monument, part park, and part billboard. Visitors would be able to walk inside the high-flying bubbles, which would double as screens, broadcasting weather information, sports scores, and other information, which could be seen from the ground. The Cloud would also be self-sustaining, not hooked into any power grid, and would derive its energy from a combination of solar, wind, and water power.

The Cloud is a finalist in the competition to create a monument for the London Olympics, but even if it is not selected, the team hopes to build it. They've already started a fundraising effort in case they don't win the London contract.

The Cloud [via Inhabitat]