Have all Marvel's comics for the last five years been leading up to one massive event? If so, is said event an Avengers reunion, or dropping a mythical city on a real-life American one? A new trailer teases both outcomes.

Marvel's latest teaser for their December-launching Siege storyline (Officially, the series launches in January, but December brings a prologue issue, Siege: The Cabal) suggests that not only has everything in the publisher's recent history been leading up to their new return to happier times, but also that voiceover artists can get bored every now and again.

Marvel's official PR for the event:

SIEGE is coming! It's all been leading up to this universe shattering four issue limited series from the superstar team of Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel! Following the events of Dark Reign: The List, Norman Osborn sets his sights set on Asgard and nothing will stop him from completing his mission. But what does he want? How do Loki and Thor figure in? And just how does this relate to the inner strife between the Cabal? Marvel's greatest heroes unite against the deadliest threat they've ever faced, but even they have no idea what's coming next. It's time for the most jaw dropping comic book event of the decade begins in December with Siege: The Cabal and continues in January's SIEGE #1!