Confused about why young-adult science fiction and fantasy are growing so much faster than their adult counterparts? YA authors will answer your questions in New York this evening. They're even prepared to discuss the popularity of Twilight.

Robin Wasserman, author of the terrific robot-body novel Skinned (which has a similar storyline to Caprica) will join Libba Bray, bestselling author of A Great And Terrible Beauty and the new "transdimensional mad-cow road trip" novel Going Bovine. Also attending will be debut fantasy author Carline McCullough. They're all YA authors, but they're aiming the event at adults who have questions about the rising genre.

The event details are on Facebook, and here's the blurb:

Sex, Drugs, and Vampires — Everything You Secretly Wanted to Know About YA But Were Afraid to Ask
Once upon a time, YA fiction involved after-school special moralizing, teens worried about their split ends, and feel-good babysitting clubs. Now, it's a brave new world that reflects our modern anxieties—war, self-harm, drugs, sex, identity, gender, existentialism and more—with no-holds barred honesty (and occasional supernatural creatures). Join YA authors Robin Wasserman, Carolyn MacCullough, and Libba Bray as they discuss the new landscape of young adult fiction, from what makes a book YA to getting published to book banning and beyond.