Feast your eyes on this glowing, fire-spewing sea monster known as Leviathan. Created by Dungeons & Dragons illustrator Mike Dubisch, it's one in a series of fantastic monster paintings from Jewish folklore and the Old Testament.

Just to remind us that the Old Testament is scary too, Jewish culture magazine Tablet commissioned this series of Jewish giant monsters from Dubisch. Enjoy their frightful visages, and learn about their Yid cred via Tablet.

You can see more of Dubisch's amazing creatures on his blog.


All the monsters hanging out together in a kaijew "Destroy All Monsters" moment.


Nephilim, apparently designed to look a little like Bernie Madoff.

A Rahab gives us the full Cthulhu.

Samael, the badass angel who fought a bunch of good guys and scared the crap out of everybody.