As you might have noticed from his guest spot as the sexist 1960s Middleman last year, Kevin Sorbo is really good at playing a sleaze. Here he is as a TV personality/hunter in Never Cry Werewolf. More Sorbo sleaze below.

You really do have to admire Sorbo's willingness to poke fun at himself, screaming into the phone about his lousy ratings and then turning on a dime to hit on the random chick who gets his autograph.

Meanwhile, Sorbo is also starring in B-movie auteur Albert Pyun's new movie, Tales Of An Ancient Empire, and he's doing some of his silliest, funniest work ever. Watch him hitting on his half sister while demanding money to help them find out the truth about their father and save the kingdom:

"Sweet girl." Heh. You can tell Sorbo enjoys his work.