How can the creators of Crank and Gamer bring their frenetic brand of over-the-top action fantasy to network television? By coming up with a show that cuts straight to the panicked, violent conclusion each and every episode.

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, writer/directors of Crank, Crank: High Voltage and Gamer are working on a potential new hourlong drama for NBC called Zeroes, which will focus on a team of operatives called in as last resorts to solve high-intensity situations. According to Taylor, it'll be the kind of non-stop ridiculousness you'd expect from them:

[We wanted to do] a crisis show that doesn't bore you with all of the buildup leading to the crisis... We want to drop right into it and sustain the absolute most berserk state of crisis, when all of the options have been exhausted. We want to take that last 60 minutes and sustain it for the entire show.

Neveldine and Taylor are currently writing the pilot, which they also plan to direct. We may have found our new favorite show of the 2010/2011 season already.

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