Frankenstein, from patherring. From an alarmingly gigantic Frankenstein, to an extremely tiny steampunk mechanic whose wrench is bigger than she is, this week the io9 Costume Show is packed with awesome. Check out some standouts, and submit your own!

All month long we're running the io9 Halloween Costume Show in a Flickr pool. Want to show off this year's duds, or gems from Halloweens past? Show us what you've got! The one rule is that you can only post pictures of yourself - or yourself with friends. Next week we'll post the final round of standouts from this Halloween weekend, but there are a ton of great costumes that we don't get to feature - so check out the whole set on Flickr!


Don't forget to take pictures of yourself this weekend and post them for all to see!

Asari commando from Mass Effect, from Dynamite Laserbeams.

The monster from Buffy episode "Hush," which is possibly the most scary thing ever. From boozysmurf.

Steampunk mechanic in search of giant bolts (aren't we all?), from walkerspace.

Jack Skellington apparently has a digital camera, at least according to lbthai76.

This is one of the most bizarre and original costumes yet - Sarah Palin in The Birds, from NikiSublime. Nicely done.

Poor Tank looks lonely. Is he, bluerobsn?

Sweetums, also from boozysmurf!