Seriously, people: Witches are better than werewolves? Is Summer Glau brandishing the broomstick in your imagination? (Or, actually, maybe it's fellow Whedonite Alyson Hannigan? Suddenly it all makes more sense.) Nonetheless, this time, it's witchcraft versus science gone wrong.

Continuing the week of Halloween Smackdown (and classic Halloween costume favorites), we're bringing in the Misfits Of Science. No, not the shortlived 1980s TV show, but characters like Frankenstein's Monster, Mister Hyde and Seth Brundle - The classic idea of science overreaching, ignoring morality with terrible consequences that happen to include a monster we can all root for - I mean, against. Well, kind of. What happens when witchcraft comes up against something that spits in the face of all that's natural?

Yup, we're splitting the poll today, giving Mutations and Creations their own chances to duke it out with Witches, not only because Frankenstein's Monster is a different beast than Mister Hyde in many ways, but also because we're thinking that maybe the completely unnatural creations have some kind of edge over the mutated, in some entirely imaginary "What if magic is more effective against that which is naturally supposed to exist" sense. But what do we know about magic? We lost track of The Lord Of The Rings movies long before Cate Blanchett showed up.


Tomorrow: The final showdown! Today's winner versus the ghouls you've been expecting all along! Until then, the poll remains open until midnight PST tonight, so vote vote vote.