Spend all week building an army of cyborg beetles? That's okay, we've gathered the best stories in one convenient location. Horror ruled this week with monsters gone good, haunted spaceships, death troopers and more.

4 Reasons Why Zombies And Superheroes Don't Mix
Marvel Comics' Necrosha launches this week, joining DC's Blackest Night, Marvel's own Marvel Zombies and Dynamite's Super Zombies on the crowded superhero zombie comic stands. But isn't there something... wrong with the idea of superpowered zombies?

When Monsters Change Sides: 10 Horror Icons Who Turned Good
Monsters cannot live (or unlive, in some cases) on terrorizing alone - sometimes, even the most horrible feel the need to spread some happiness in the world. Here are ten of the more memorable examples of horror icons going soft.

Turns Out There's Something Darker Than The Dark Side
Having a zombie overload? You still might want to save some room for the "zombies in the Star Wars universe" book, Death Troopers, which came out last week. It turns out stormtroopers and zombies do mix.

Top 50 Vampires: The Ultimate Score Sheet
Which vampires sparkle in the sunlight, and which ones burn? Which ones fear stakes, or crosses? With vampires ruling the world of entertainment, it's important to know all the facts. Here's our roundup of 50 vampires' superpowers and weaknesses.

Can You Really Consent To Be A Doll? We Asked Maurissa Tancharoen
Last Friday's Dollhouse erased all our doubts about Joss Whedon's mind-blanking saga, and filled us with excitement about the story possibilites to come. So we asked writer Maurissa Tancharoen about the episode, and here's what she said.

Weirdest And Most Wonderful Halloween Comic Covers
If you were explaining Hallowe'en to someone unfamiliar with the concept, don't use comic books as a visual aid. As these 50 covers show, All Hallow's Eve is apparently about pumpkins, cleavage and monsters. Then again, maybe they are right...

At Long Last, Meet J.J. Abrams' Klingons
Feeling cheated that you didn't get to see a Klingon prison break in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie? As we promised, those lost Klingon scenes will be on the new DVD, but a few snippets have already turned up online.

Why I Like To Write About The Apocalypse
I think we're programmed for hardship. In my experience, human beings are happiest when they're working themselves to the bone. People are more likely to feel adrift and unsatisfied when they have too much leisure time. Obstacles are good.

Lovecraft 101: Get To Know The Master of Scifi-Horror
You've heard about Cthulhu, and you've probably heard about the man who created this tentacled horror, H.P. Lovecraft. Now you want to try delving into the world of Lovecraft, but where to start? Let us help you.

Research Reveals That Apocalyptic Stories Changed Dramatically 20 Years Ago
Most major religions, going back thousands of years, tell stories about the End of the World. And post-apocalyptic fiction is perennially popular. So why, in the last twenty years, has the apocalypse ceased to matter?

A Rogue's Gallery of Haunted Spaceships
Though spaceships exist firmly in the realm of science and rationality, that doesn't mean they can't be invaded by fantastical visions and spooky ghosts. Here's a gallery of space vessels whose crews aren't entirely of this universe.

Adorable But Horrible: 26 Cute Critters You'll Want to Avoid
Horror isn't always slimy and grotesque; some of the most frightening monsters come in the cutest packages. We list the fluffy, wide-eyed, and downright adorable critters that want to scare you, eat you, or enslave you for all time.

Top image by Eric Joyner.