Reanimator: The evil scientist Dr. Hill has been decapitated... and then his head and body have both been brought back to life. And now he's got the Dean's daughter, also a scientist, just where he wants her. So he decides to, umm... give her some head. As Annalee said when she first posted this clip, don't watch unless you're prepared to rinse out your eyes with lye or something.

Brain Damage: When she says he's got a real monster in his pants, she's not kidding... but it's not what she's expecting. Turns out there's a weird blue phallic alien parasite thing lurking in his drawers, and it's got an appetite for human brains. Frank Henenlotter is a disgusting man, and this is a terrifying — yet utterly ridiculous — scene.


Spermula: The Spermulites come to Earth and take over Earth women, turning them into sex maniacs who drain men's sexual vitality, mostly through oral sex. When a man has had his vitality drained by a Spermulite, he will never again be able to perform sexually, and all that's left is a wasted husk.

Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead. With a title like that, you probably know where this is going. A guy is on an island full of zombies, and he meets a sexy lady who tells him that if he unzips his pants, she will give him a thrill. And she does, just not the way he expects.

Future Kill: Speaking of which... Splatter, the mutant gang leader, is missing a very special body part. So when a mutant biker babe decides to try and give him "the best head of his life," it doesn't turn out all that well. Oh dear.


Eve Of Destruction: This hot babe is actually a nuclear-powered cyborg, and she has a thing about not liking to be called bitch." She's about to give a guy a nice blowjob when he says the B-word, but her face is already in his crotch. What to do?