Rosemary's Baby: Rosemary eats some drugged chocolate mousse (or mouse, as everyone keeps insisting on calling it) and soon afterwards, she's passed out a ton of Satanists are tying her up and making nasty satanic love to her, including inscribing weird symbols on her body. In spite of all the campy, silly elements, this scene really freaks me out, especially the part where she realizes this isn't just a dream. Genuinely disturbing and upsetting.

Bride Of Chucky: Jennifer Tilly (playing herself) is making out with a hot dude, while John Waters takes photos. And then the dude gets knocked out, and it turns out that Chucky has masturbated into a cup, and the Bride of Chucky wants to inseminate Jennifer Tilly with Chucky's sperm. As the Bride says, no wonder Jennifer's career is going south.

Inseminoid: Oh man. We've featured this clip a couple times before, but it still weirds me out. An alien with a bong-shaped penis inseminates a poor woman, who's conscious for the whole thing. Seriously creepy and yet oh so tacky.

Evil Aliens: Here's another one we've featured before — a weird Whitley Streiber-headed alien has nasty sex with a poor nerd boy, while meanwhile, his female friend is being inseminated with alien babies. So freaking disturbing and just wrong.

Decoys 2: Alien Seduction: An alien transforms herself into a naughty dominatrix so she can seduce a young man and then inseminate him... for some reason, her species mates by shoving its eggs down the young man's throat. But to accomplish this, the man must be very, very turned on... and it must be below freezing, which is why she insists on doing this outdoors in winter. It. All. Makes. Sense.

The Sexorcist: Another clip we've featured before, but it's too bizarre not to include. A young artist brings home a life-size crucifix... but it comes to life, and turns into Satan! And then it inseminates her with its Satanic sperm. Oh Lord.


Demon Seed — A computer-controlled house imprisons the wife of its creator and then decides it wants to impregnate her with... wait for it... its Demon Seed. Poor Julie Christie. Another freaky, disturbing scene.