71. The Creeper - Jeepers Creepers

The movie itself may not have been that frightening, but the idea behind the monster — that he resurfaces to replace his parts with yours, paired with the "Jeepers Creepers" tune — did get spooky. Especially when you found out he stuffed and skinned his victims in his basement.

72. Donkey Boy - Pinocchio.

It may be a giant lesson wrapped into a moral, tied with a "don't be a bad boy" bow, but watching the little tykes plead for their mamas while turning into donkeys and being sold to the salt mines was a horrific experience as a child. The donkey boy continues to haunt my dreams.

73. The Birds - The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock's thriller pins people against every single bird in a local seaside village, and people lose.


74. The Wicked Witch of The West - The Wizard of Oz

An oldie, but a baddie. The Wicked Witch is also overlooked but let's not forget that she lights one character on fire and threatens Dorothy with death. And they let kids watch this stuff!


75. The Leprechaun - The Leprechaun

Why have people ever imagined the keeper of the gold to be anything but evil and conniving? The Leprechaun proves to us that we were kidding ourselves when we thought he could be anything but a shape-shifting, levitating, tiny, teleporting ugly creature who can smell his gold, and you better believe he'll kill to get it back. Pogo stick of death!


76. The Crypt Keeper - Tales From The Crypt

The only thing actually frightening in all of the Tales of The Crypt movies is the Crypt Keeper himself. He's almost too real looking with his half decomposed faced and shrill laugh.


77. The Monster - Frankenstein

Mary Shelley might have created Frankenstein's monster, but it's Boris Karloff who brought the modern version to life. His portrayal of the lumbering grotesque golem made the monster one of the great horror movie icons, and made the name Frankenstein synonymous with spooks, scares, and Halloween.


78. Rat Man In The Wall - Mulberry Street

Indie film Mulberry Street shows you what would happen if your apartment was infested with rat people — that's right, they're headed into your walls. While I couldn't find the picture of him, there was one particular Mulberry Street tenant who bounded through the walls of the poorly constructed apartment complex like a rabid beast, blasting out of the paper thin plaster whenever he was hungry for a snack.


79. Grant Grant - Slither

Michael Rooker gets possessed by a lonely space alien, who then forces the entire town to mate/bond with him. And that's a lot of naked people no one wanted to see, ever.

80. Judge Alvin Valkenheiser - Nothing But Trouble

Dan Aykroyd was terrifying as Judge Alvin 'J.P' Valkenheiser, because he decided who got to leave and who got to ride the flesh ripping roller coaster. His offspring was hideous, who could forget those slimy disgusting babies and his nose was a penis.


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