61. Lurtz Orc Lord -The Lord of The Rings

A mix of two evils, this bad boy laughs in your face, even as you impale him with your sword.

63. The Other Mother - Coraline

Other Mother is every child's dream parent: loving, attentive, and an excellent cook. But then she starts asking you to sew buttons into your eyes, things start getting dark. And by the time she's revealed herself as a soul-devouring spider demon, you're trapped in her nightmarish world.


64. Richard Gecko - From Dusk Till Dawn

Quentin Tarantino wasn't as scary as the vampire strippers he fought in from Dusk 'Til Dawn but he managed to be a lot more disgusting than the whole blood sucking lot of them as he spent his time killing, raping and fantasizing about his young captor. We're afraid to think what would happen if big brother George Clooney wasn't around.


65. Big Brain The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

This mutated hillbilly was the leader of the rebooted Hills Have Eyes flick, and by far the most disgusting of the radiated mutants living in atomic bomb testing grounds. His horrible laugh and "all knowing" attitude made him the freakiest freak of the bunch — the second being the little girl that just wants you to play with her dollies.


66. Severen - Near Dark

Bill Paxton's fangless vampire has all the time in the world to play around in a pool of your blood, and he loves doing it. The bully of the cowboy vampire pack Severen delights in bleeding his victims dry, perhaps by slicing you open with this spurs.


67. Chucky - Child's Play

Serial killer Charles Lee Ray transfers his soul into a Good Guys doll, forever cementing dolls as objects of terror. He quickly launches a stabbing murder spree, and his victims never see it coming. After all, who would suspect a harmless doll?


68. Large Marge - Pee Wee's Big Adventure

Hitchhiking can be scary business, as Pee Wee learns when he hitches a ride with truck driver Large Marge. He knows there's something off about Marge when she starts in on a creepy tale about the worst accident she'd ever seen — but then the ghostly trucker shows him exactly what she looked like when she died.


69. Gmork - The NeverEnding Story

The talking wolf monster will stop at "nothing" to kill our hero Atreyu — if only he knew what he looked like.


70. The Blair Witch - The Blair Witch Project

Call it a gimmick, but the one thing the Blair Witch had going for her/him/it was her secrecy. We never knew where she was, what she looked like and what she was up to, until we knew the main characters were going to die by her hands in the end.


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